Shock Markets

Shock Markets

In a world where 80% of trades are done by lightning-fast machines, and the news from China hits markets in New York before you can read a headline, trading has never been this dangerous—or potentially profitable.

We live in the age of shock markets, where sudden sharp changes are common, crashes are unavoidable, volatility is off the charts, and anything can happen. This presents great risk—and great potential reward.

Seemingly distant factors can massively and instantaneously impact prices in today’s deeply interconnected, high-speed financial markets. Shock Markets illuminates these catalysts, helping you plan and react to fads, fashions, bubbles, crashes, and market crises—and uncover profit where others find only peril.

Through detailed, moment-by-moment analysis, Robert Webb and Alexander Webb upend conventional wisdom about trading and investing—revealing surprising and little-known trading relationships:

• Why Gold lost money in the 20th century’s largest crises
• Which political actions trump economic fundamentals
• How videogame reviews create predictable, tradable shocks
• When a shock is just a shock—and when it’s the beginning of a trend
• Why humans can still win at trading

The markets are moving faster than ever before—Shock Markets keeps you ahead of the curve.